Revision of RAB02 following Publication of EA-3/01

The NAB-MALTA has published updated regulations RAB02 on “The Use of the Accreditation Symbol, Text Reference to Accreditation and Reference to EA MLA Signatory Status”. This revision was necessary following the publication of EA-3/01 M in June 2021. The new version of RAB02 will come into effect on 30th June 2021.

The latest vers​ion of EA-3/01 M “EA Conditions for the use of Accreditation Symbols, Logos and other claims of accreditation and reference to the EA MLA Signatory Status” is available from here​. This document sets out the minimum conditions which shall be included in the rules governing reference to EA MLA signatory status and the use of accreditation body’s logos, symbols, and other claims of accreditation status.