EMAS means Eco Management and Audit Scheme. This is a voluntary scheme designed for companies and other organisations that are willing to commit themselves to evaluate, manage and improve their environmental performance.

Where are the EMAS requirements specified? EMAS requirements are specified in EU Council Regulation (EC) No 1221 of 2009.

Is there any guidance on EMAS?
Yes, from the Commission.


What are the differences between EMS and EMAS? Environmental Management System (EMS) allows an organisation to plan, improve and measure their environmental performance against set targets each year. EMAS incorporates EN ISO/IEC 14001 as the Environmental Management System but also ensures that it is compliant with all national and EU environmental regulations, has continuous improvement of environmental performance each year, involves its employees in this process, and issues an annual Environmental Statement.

These Environmental Statements demonstrate how the standards in environmental performance are maintained and improved every year by outlining the results achieved during each year. To ensure transparency, the Statement must be made available to the public.

How can I obtain EMAS? Companies wishing to have their site registered to EMAS must first have their system evaluated by accredited EMAS environmental verifiers. Following a successful evaluation, the validated environmental statement together with the verification report should be sent to the National EMAS Competent Body which is responsible for registering your site with the Commission.

Once your registration is accepted, it will be listed on the Commission webpage.

It is also recommended that a meeting is held with the National EMAS Competent Body.

Who is the National EMAS Competent Body in Malta? The National EMAS Competent Body in Malta is the Malta Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority.

Further information may be found at MCCAA or by sending an email.

From where can I find an EMAS Verifier? EMAS Verifiers are listed on the official EU EMAS Website.

How can I become an EMAS Verifier? You need to pass through an accreditation process. The accreditation body in Malta is the National Accreditation Board (NAB-MALTA). Any interested organisation is encouraged first to hold a meeting with the NAB-MALTA. This will then be followed by the completion of application form (request form to NAB-Malta), together with all the relevant documentation, to the NAB-MALTA. A desk review of the documentation sent will be carried out by a selected NAB-MALTA assessment team and the Verifier is then witnessed carrying out a verification. The report is then submitted to the Board for the final decision on accreditation.

What are the Functions of the NAB-MALTA in relation to EMAS? The NAB-MALTA is responsible for the accreditation of EMAS Verifiers. It is also responsible for the supervision of the activities in Malta of EMAS Verifiers accredited by other EMAS accreditation bodies from EU and EFTA countries.

What should a Foreign Verifier working in Malta do? Foreign verifier, on the basis of Article 23 Para. 2 and Article 24 of the EMAS Regulation No (EC) 1221/2009, must document and evidence the knowledge of the legal matters and the language of the country in which he/she plans to perform the verification.

The foreign verifier at least 4 weeks in advance shall notify the NAB-MALTA with the following information to:

  1. Its accreditation or license details
  2. Competences, in particular
    • knowledge of legal requirements relating to the environment
    • knowledge of English or Maltese
    • team competences
  3. The time and place of the verification and validation
  4. The address and contact details of the organisation

The NAB-MALTA may request clarification of the verifier’s knowledge of the necessary applicable legal requirements relating to the environment.