Use of certification body marks on testing/calibration/inspection certificates and reports

Testing and calibration laboratories and inspection bodies having certified management systems, for e.g., ISO9001 certification, are not permitted to apply a Certification Body’s mark to their test/calibration/inspection reports and certificates. Such reports are deemed to be products in this context.

Accredited Certification Bodies that certify organisations to ISO9001 and other management system standards (e.g., ISO14001), have to comply with the international standard ISO/IEC17021-1. Clause 8.3 “Reference to certification and use of marks” of this standard establishes the following:

Clause 8.3.1: A certification body shall have rules governing any management system certification mark that it authorizes certified clients to use. These rules shall ensure, among other things, traceability back to the certification body. There shall be no ambiguity, in the mark of accompanying text, as to what has been certified and which certification body has granted certification. This mark shall not be used on a product nor product packaging nor in any other way that may be interpreted as denoting product conformity”


Clause 8.3.2: A certification body shall not permit its marks to be applied by certified clients to laboratory test, calibration or inspection reports or certificates.


As a user of calibration certificates, it is very important to distinguish between ISO9001 certification and ISO17025 accreditation of the facility providing the calibration. Only accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025 can guarantee that the calibration facility has the technical competence to provide specific calibration services.

The list of Maltese laboratories currently accredited for the provision of calibration services may be found at:

It is important to check that calibration certificates include the accreditation symbol or make a clear reference to accreditation. Otherwise, such certificate will not be recognised as being covered by accreditation. All accreditation bodies have their own accreditation symbol. The NAB-MALTA accreditation symbol is the following:

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