NAB-MALTA elected to the EA MAC Management Group

The Director of the NAB-MALTA, Ing. Claudio Boffa, has recently been elected to continue his service as a member of the EA Multilateral Agreement Council (EA MAC) Management Group for an additional two terms.

The EA MAC is responsible for the effective and impartial management and monitoring of the peer evaluation process. It is the ultimate decision-making body on the Multilateral Agreement (MLA) and Bilateral Agreements (BLA) of EA.

The EA MLA is an agreement signed between EA-member accreditation bodies to recognise and accept the equivalence of their accreditation systems. Thus, it provides equal reliability of the certificates and reports issued by the organisations which EA NABs accredit. This eliminates the need for suppliers of products and services to look for accreditation certification/testing/inspection providers in each European country where they sell their products or services. More information about the importance of the MLA process and what it means for an accreditation body and its value for accredited organisations, regulators, businesses and consumers may be found here.