Flexible Scope of Accreditation

​The NAB-MALTA is glad to announce that the policy ATG16 “Flexible Scope – Implementation and Management” will be published on 1st November 2019.  Initially this policy will only apply for testing laboratories that have already completed one accreditation cycle, although justifiable exceptions will be considered.

​This publication will outline the policy of the NAB-MALTA for laboratories wishing to implement and maintain a management system capable of controlling a flexible scope of accreditation. This policy enables an accredited testing laboratory to assume responsibility for the management of all or part of its scope of accreditation without the necessity of a preliminary evaluation of the NAB-MALTA for each new activity.

​Flexible scopes of accreditation will therefore allow accredited testing laboratories to make changes in methodology and other parameters which fall within their competence. To achieve this, the accredited laboratory will need to have a design process in place.

​The NAB-MALTA intends to run a pilot programme for accredited laboratories wishing to apply for a flexible scope of accreditation. Conceivably, there will potentially be a varying range of flexible scope applications within the realms of testing. Thus, applications will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the assessment team, and the best way forward agreed upon.

​The NAB-MALTA would like to thank all the interested parties and stakeholders for their valued input during the drafting of this policy.​

​To view this policy please click on the following link ATG16r0_Flexible_Scope_Policy.pdf